Jin Mi for WebJin Mi S. Williams  – Professional Makeup Artist / Brow & Lash Specialist / Esthetician

Trained at the Hudson Valley School of Advanced Paramedical Skin Care in NY and under the Apprenticeship of Hollywood Makeup Artist, Selena Miller, Jin Mi has over 15 years of experience in the Beauty Industry. Working as Makeup Artist for Publications, Magazines, Movies and T.V stations such, “Reality Racing” for Spike T.V., the Disney Channel, Florida Film Festival, NYC Fashion Week, Sundance Film Festival, Spy Pen (Europe), Amazing Grace (2013 Film), Once not far from Home (2009 Film)…and many more. In addition to being a National Educator for Top Cosmetics Lines and A Lead Esthetician for Medical Spas in both NY / FL, Jin Mi has developed an eye for perfection and a passion for her clients by giving them the Professionalism that they come to expect!  

My words to you: There’s a reason that so many of us focus mainly on the eyes, as they are one of the most important features on the face. It can give a person both a youthful and mature look, a balanced or an unbalanced look. It can also define the level of confidence someone has by creating more symmetrical features that others will respond to subconsciously.

Miss Priss Lash and Brow is all about the woman expressing her own individual beauty while creating a more balanced look. In order to design your “eye look”, our team of professionals take the time to analyze and customize each clients eyebrow design and/or eyelash extensions through our thorough and complimentary consultation. Not only do we provide professional lash and brow services, but we also offer makeup applications, body waxing and facials.

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